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Top Web Design Trends to Keep in Mind


This article is about the best and most awesome web design trends, that can often be used to advertise gadgets and Internet of Things devices.


By scrolling through hand-drawn images, this can create an additional effect of animation. Hand-drawn websites are becoming increasing popular and are very effective. Websites make use of both vertical and horizontal scrolling, and with product lines that have specific coloured items; this can be a useful way for users/buyers to navigate through products, Internet of Things and gadgets.

2. Card or Tile Layout

Rectangular squares that contain content; quite visual like a spread of postcards, whereby the website user can select the one that appeals to them, after scanning them swiftly. These square tiles are easy to rearrange for different devices so the display still looks good. (more…)

Top 10 Internet of Things Applications

bbThis article will discuss the top ten favourite Internet of Things (IOT) real life applications:


by Vitality are lids that fit prescription bottles, reminding people to take their medication; which in turn keeps them healthy and independent. It remembers timings of medication, so that people don’t miss their dose; this is connected wirelessly to the Internet. It lights up and makes a noise at the time the person needs to take their tablets. There are beeping reminders an hour later if people have forgotten. If you still forget it will call your home phone. There are weekly emails to family members and monthly reports to Drs too.


this allows parents to check on their baby’s skin temperature, breathing, body posture, and activity via a Smartphone. This could be really useful for the prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). It helps parents to have a better night’s sleep, safe in the knowledge that their baby is being well monitored and they’ll be alerted to any changes. (more…)

Best Gadgets You Wished You Had

aaThere are a multitude of incredible gadgets available. This article discusses the best six gadgets you wished you had, that will make your life easier and better, with items that will bring music more easily into your life; allow you to have top home safety; lighting; be able to find items more easily; and be able to charge your technological gadgets with a handy USB socket.

1. iPod Shuffle

For under $50 you’re able to purchase Apple’s iPod Shuffle, which comes in a range of six colours, and is a 2GB music player. It’s small and compact. You could wear it when running. You could wear it on your commute to work. There’s no screen on it; but it’s voice operated.

2.Izon Stem White Wi-Fi Video Monitor Surveillance Cam.

This is an amazing small, slim, wireless gadget that offers you home security. With it, you can monitor (see and hear) the security of your home from your phone. It could be useful to guard against break-ins; it can also be useful if you want to check on the welfare of an elderly relative at home; or to check how your pets are throughout the day. (more…)

Cut Your Power Bills With The Latest Energy-Saving Gadgets

Cut Your Power Bills With The Latest Energy-Saving GadgetsIt may seem paradoxical, but for us to save energy we need to add more gadgets in our home.

Over the recent years, consumers have become more aware of our individual role in helping the environment. And in response to this trend, many manufacturers are now offering energy efficient, “green” gadgets that does not only help environment but also help save money.

Here let’s take a look at some of the latest green technologies for your home.

  1. Smart Thermostats

Every household has a unique heating and air conditioning needs but the problem is we have a generic HVAC system that is not responsive to these unique patterns. With the new programmable thermostat, you can control your household’s energy consumption by setting the appropriate heating or cooling system depending on your living patterns. It may come as a pricey investment, at $200, but it can cut your next energy bill by up to 40 percent. Well, it would be good if pool heaters would also be equipped with the same technology, go to this link for more pool heater reviews, for added savings.

  1. Energy Star Appliances

The next time you buy a new appliance make sure to check if the product is Energy Star certified. By using these energy-efficient appliances, you can save on your monthly electricity bills. For instance, an Energy Star-certified refrigerator can save you over a hundred dollar less per year to operate. Investing on these appliances could mean saving more in the long run.

  1. LED Lights

Compared to compact fluorescent, halogen and the other energy-efficient lighting available, LED bulbs offer maximum illumination for the least budget and least energy. By replacing your current lighting to LED, you can considerably your average household energy consumption. Furthermore, it does not contain toxic chemicals, like mercury which is found in fluorescent, making it a very safe alternative.

  1. Energy Management Systems

With this technology, you can now control your home while away from home using your smartphone. You’ll never have to worry if you left the flat iron on or the lights on or the coffee maker on. With Energy Management System, you can control appliances, heating and cooling system, light, security system, and entertainment system remotely.

  1. Charging Stations

Phantom power is a major energy sucker in the household. It results from electronics, such as chargers, that are plugged but aren’t used. It can consume up to 8 percent of the household’s power without any purpose. Charging stations automatically shuts down power consumption when not in use. By investing on charging stations, you can stop energy wastage.

  1. Smart Power Strips

Aside from charges, there are also other appliances and electronics around the house that suck up phantom power. With smart power strips, this energy wastage is controlled. Power strips automatically cuts off power with anything plugged into it. This is especially useful with electricity sockets in hard to reach corners of the house, such underneath the floor, behind the cabinet or TV, in the back of the kitchen counter, etc.

These gadgets offer a great way to save on your monthly bills at the same time helping our planet. Did we miss out on your favorite green gadget? Leave us a comment.

Key Concepts in Web Design

Key Concepts in Web DesignWeb designers all over the world are practically always looking for ways to make websites more intuitive and easier to use for the people who actually end up using them. After traveling the Internet for years, you may have noticed there are many key concepts in web design which lead to the creation of a quality page, at least if the designer follows said concepts. Today, we’re going to talk about a handful of those concepts. Some of them will probably seem like common sense to you, but common sense really isn’t as common as people would have you believe.

My best piece of advice is to consider the target audience for the website you’re designing, even while you’re designing it. Expecting mostly English visitors, or mostly Eastern visitors like from China and Japan? Then consider the way different types of people read information when creating the layouts for your pages. Many people are engrained from childhood to read things over from top left to bottom right, or vice versa, or even in another way. I’m not going to say it adds a ton of conversions, but if you’re trying to sell something, appeal to the mindset of the customers that you want. It helps.

Another key concept in web design is creating a unique appearance. For many businesses, the website is the main connection between them and consumers, and so it needs to be even more recognizable than the company logo, which by the way should also be included all over the affiliated website. If you’re looking to make a website selling quality grappling dummies, for instance, you’ll want to include lots of related imagery on your website, like professional fighters taking swings at each other, or classes full of people practicing together. During design, always ask yourself who you want your customers to be.

If I had to really think about it, and trust me when I say I am right now, one more key concept in web design would be hitting up visitors right away at your initial landing page with an offer, perhaps contingent on a certain sale amount, where you give away goods or services for free in addition to what you’re selling. Get addresses, get phone numbers, get any contact information you can by asking people to sign up for newsletters, or emails about products they may want, or anything else that you think will get your foot in the door.

Remember, at least in most cases, once a consumer willingly gives you their contact information, you can send them marketing materials and try to make a sale in the classic Sears-Roebucks fashion, where you send out flyers or magazines or other content with a focus on the soft sell. Granted, you’ll probably be sending emails instead of physical content since they’re practically free and all, but I think you understand what I’m saying here. There are other things to keep in mind when designing websites too, but I’m afraid I’m going to leave you all wanting more for now.

Best Gadgets For Your Garden

Best Gadgets For Your Garden

With the onset of summer being eagerly awaited upon by all and sundry, gardeners look forward to summer in anticipation of growing the plants they had been dreaming of in full glory. Like In any other field, gardening has also seen quite a large number of innovations in recent years. These new gadgets are of immense use to intense gardeners and hobbyists alike. With the right tools, gardening will not be that daunting. Here are some old yet new tools that you are sure to find useful in your gardening venture. Even for a serious farmer these gadgets would come in handy and reduce the hard work needed.

Environment friendly broom

The eco-friendly broom is one made of branches from a coconut tree. The broom is a combination of a rake and the usual corn broom. It is easy to use in wet and dry soil and is strong and firm. You can use it on any type of surface with ease. Cleaning leaves, pine needles, fine material and light layer of snow from your decks, lawns, patios, sidewalks, doormats and cement floors. While this is an inexpensive garden tool, sometimes you need only the top quality to get your work done. The tiller at this site is one such example.

Watering can

The Haws watering can is by far the best way to water your plants when compared to using a garden hose or a bucket or some other watering can. This is because it looks smart and puts up a good performance too. You can easily balance it while pouring water.

Ratcheting Loppers

While a hand pruner can easily take care of small branches, for larger branches you will need the ratcheting loppers. You can apply full force and cut the stout branches deftly without much effort. TheaBarnel Loppers are effective and lighter to handle too. When it comes to chipper shredders, make sure you get the top quality shredders at

Tool Belt

Best Gadgets For Your Garden-1Having all your tools handy will make the gardening chores easier to finish. Having a custom designed tool belt that can hold your gloves, tools and seed packages will be a big advantage. This will reduce the trips you make to your garden shed and make you less irritable and more energetic while you are out in the garden.

Hand rake

A hand held rake that cleans under the bushes and the plants in the garden is surely a great tool to have. The pine bush rake has rounded tines that spear hard and pick the leaves efficiently. The spring nature of the rake prevents putting undue pressure on the plants.

Protective gloves

The Garden Girl Rose gloves are the right protection to have when you are tending to those thorny rose bushes. The sturdy gloves, with long sleeves and a palm that is double reinforced, help ward off the thorns easily. The adjustable buckle in the wrist helps to keep it fitting snugly.

Bags and Totes

These are bags available in three different sizes. You can gather the clippings, deadheading and weeds in these bags. You can also use them to collect the produce such as lettuce, apples etc. Made of reinforced plastic, the bags do not tear in spite of the heavy load they carry.

You can become a secretary for homeland security

This motivational presentation should encourage you to take full advantage of the gizmos and gadgets available for you to purchase across the World Wide Web. It also helps to stifle the intimidation that might be wearing some of you down and perhaps causing you to make some irrational choices resulting in the purchase of items you have absolutely no need for. And it also helps you to multitask like the consummate professional that both we and you know that you are capable of being. As this post’s heading clearly shows, the focus from here onwards is going to be on security.

Select features for all areas of your life

And when we talk about security, we are not necessarily referring to that which is obvious. That which is obvious relates to your own personal homeland security. We may as well start with your home area. This does not matter whether you live in a freestanding house, a busy city studio or apartment complex which already has its own twenty-four hour security. The gadgets and gizmos that you will select in the future, mainly because they are now small and compact with multiple functions to boot, can and should also be utilized for outside of your home.

On that note, when selecting new software tools and the hardware comportments that will be storing them, do not restrict or limit yourself to one physical area of your life. As they say, you have license to give your bucks more bang. Edge Hunting prioritizes tactics. You should too. Before narrowing down some good choices, create a tactical response sheet which prioritizes both your immediate (subjective) concerns and the objective practicalities of what’s important during your daily activities and commutes.

Prioritize GPS and rapid response

If your lifestyle or even your job dictates that you spend a lot of time outdoors and, in particular, in natural surroundings, you will undoubtedly be utilizing software that emphasizes GPS features and importantly also includes a rapid response mechanism that is reliable. Whether your lifestyle dictates spending more time outdoors or isolating yourself at home, you are still required to thoroughly research suitable products. Don’t forget to engage yourself in conversations with reviewers and onsite consultants to educate yourself further or to handle all queries and doubts practically and coherently.

And if you should ever have doubts about the authenticity of a particular website and its catalogues that you are perusing, simply take the attitude of just walking away and moving on to the next site. Adopt the old security maxim of ‘better to be safe than sorry’. While it may yet prove to be relevant to your security objectives, you could test this website out in the meantime. Use it as an exercise to help you make discerning and carefully considered choices.

In a short space of time we were able to place you on a roadmap towards making erudite selections in regard to selecting your security software accoutrements and helping you towards becoming your own secretary of homeland security. But the mission has not yet been accomplished. You still have work to do.

Cool Gadgets for the Outdoor Lovers

Cool Gadgets for the Outdoor LoversSo, you’ve got a long holiday and plan to go outdoors? Before you head out to the outdoors, make sure to get your truck ready for the drive. You might want to check this link to find some nice off-road LED light bars for your truck. Once you’re done prepping your truck, you might also need to get some cool gadget and stuff for a better outdoor experience.

What cool stuff should you bring on your next outdoor trip? Here let us give you a quick rundown.

  1. High-tech sunglasses

Sure you have your favorite sunglasses but there’s a high-tech sunglass that can help better protect your eye from sunlight. Tint-shifting sunglasses, such as Ctrl One, automatically or manually adjusts tint to meet the fast-changing light conditions. It looks just like your ordinary outdoor or sport sunglass but very useful, especially in the outdoors.

  1. Fogo Flashlight multi-tool

This simple, straightforward gadget can keep you safe even at the far reaches of the wild. It is an improved version of the electronic outdoor multi-tool. It may not look as flashy but it can save you in time of distress. It features a regular flashlight, with 1,000 lumens of light output. It also has a digital radio which allows user-to-user text messaging and a built-in LCD with basic GPS navigation. It can also serve as a walkie-talkie so you can connect in case of distress. If you stray off your GPS destination, it would flash warning light. You don’t have to bring another LED light bar, as this gadget already has one installed and read for use.

  1. MSR Guardian Purifier

Water is a basic necessity and when you’re at the outdoors, potable water source can be a problem. This portable purifier is capable of both filtration and purification. Take note that these two processes are essential in keeping your water as clean as possible. This technology was originally designed for the US military and is capable of filtering out bacteria, particulate, viruses and protozoa from water.

  1. Emergency locator

If you seriously love the outdoors, you seriously need a high-powered emergency locator like the ACR ResQling Personal Locator Beacon. To cut the chase short, this gadget allows you to be located in case you get lost in the wild. When activated, it can send a distress signal to the nearest SAR teams in virtually any part of the planet. It has an impressive GPS accuracy and can tap on the worldwide SAR satellite network in just one click.

  1. Solar Charger/Hand-crank Charger

Taking your gadgets with you in the trek is almost inevitable, so you have to prepare with an extra battery pack or better yet a solar or manual charger. There are many different solar and manual chargers that you can find online. One of which is the Powertraveller Powermoneky Extreme – a rugged, slim, waterproof and portable solar charger that has a USB port and 9000mAh battery. Some of the best chargers feature different slots for your different gadgets.

Nerds Can Lift

Matthew Jarvis was a nerd, a geek. A young guy that spent all his free time at his computer, playing games, chatting with friends, other guys, not girls because he was much too shy to do that. He would have been a typical 15-year-old high school student if he was 15 years old. In fact, Matt was 25 and was still doing basically the same things now as he was doing then. Almost.

Matt had a job with a fast-food company. No, he wasn’t serving food, or flipping burgers, or delivering pizzas. The company he worked for, Chicken Treat, had a rather good computerised Customer Relations Management (CRM) system and it was Matt’s job to keep this up and running and develop new programming as part of their improvement cycle. Master Jarvis was really a pretty smart guy and he graduated from Hopkins State Summa Cum Laude in computer programming. All that time he spent in front of a monitor with his keyboard and game controller had come in handy. He knew a lot more about computers than he did about girls.

Matthew did all his shopping online, still chatted to his friends, had a Facebook page, a Twitter account, owned a smartphone and an iPad. He still lived at home and he continually confounded his parents who hoped that once he had got a job, he would settle down and eventually give them a couple of grand kids. Instead, he had smart wired their home so that lights, TV, sound system and security could all be centrally controlled through their phones, or his.

Matt knew he had to make a change. Not only for the sake of his social life but for his health. He wasn’t a 95-pound weakling that would have sand kicked in his face at the beach, but being indoors all the time gave him a pale look and he still hated exercising. He avoided sports at school like the plague. His friends, mostly nerds as well, at least jogged in the park or went to a gym. The thought of spending time traveling to and from a gym and exposing his pale body made Matthew shudder with distaste. He decided to set up a gym in the garage and after finding what he wanted on he then ordered and waited for delivery.

The Power Rack he ordered arrived and after unsuccessfully spending some time trying to put it all together by following the instructions, he gave up in disgust and asked his dad to help. His father was rather surprised that his son was going to finally work out, but he gladly helped him put the garage gym together. He then spent a bit of time helping Matt continue to shop online and buy the weight bar and weights he would need. “You’re going to need grips, son. Makes it easier to lift the bar without blistering or injuring your hands.” No problem and a good idea thought Matthew and proceeded to the review on WOD grips on the same website on which he had checked out the gym. In no time, young Matthew Jarvis was working out in his own home gym and started to think about the opposite sex.

Mountain Top Music

The highest mountain in Great Britain is Ben Nevis. Its height is 4418 feet or 1350 metres and the mountain is in Scotland. One of the more puzzling aspects of the mountain is that a piano was found on the peak! Some volunteers were clearing rocks at the top and discovered the piano, about 200 metres from the actual summit. This was a musical mystery indeed.

When it was found, the people working there could not believe their eyes. There is definitely something strange about a piano on top of a mountain but even weirder when you consider it, is how did the darn thing get up there? The instrument was found in 2006 but one of the volunteers noticed a biscuit wrapper under the piano with a use-by date of 1986 on it. Was that a clue to when the piano may have been taken up the mountain?

It should be mentioned that the piano was one of those old upright models, not like the type you will find on which is the direction a lot of musical instruments are heading these days. In fact, the keyboard of the piano on the mountain was nowhere to be found so another assumption is that the piano was taken to the top of the mountain, not for somebody to play a tune to the world, but as a joke.

This piano was the heaviest and most unusual object ever to be found on top of a mountain. The framework was made of cast iron and the timber and strings were all part of the remarkable find. Some famous makes of pianos from ages ago included were the Baldwin, Collard and Collard, and the Steinway but the condition of this piano on the mountain top was not able to be determined due to the condition.

Modern day pianos still bear the names of their makers from years ago, and the Steinway name is associated with grand and baby grand pianos. A Japanese company, Yamaha, got into the musical instrument manufacturing game and over the years that name has become synonymous with good quality. Electronic is the way to go these days and if playing the piano is your choice, then going to this website will help you make an educated choice.

Going back to the piano on the mountain, conjecture is that it was part of a wacky stunt, or maybe even a charity run but considering the weight and the distance it was carried uphill, it remains a puzzle. The mountain already suffers from a litter problem but this bit of rubbish takes littering to a new level.

The volunteers needed to break the piano up and take it back down the mountain piece by piece. The clean-up crew would love to hear from anyone who may have some information about the piano. There is a rumor that the perpetrator might be charged for 20 years of storage of a piano on Ben Nevis!

Mountain Top Music

The Two Rocks Golf Club

There’s a small social golf club called the Two Rocks Golf Club. It’s been operating now for more than 40 years. Members come, and members go, but it has always maintained about 25 players consistently. About 15 years ago it allowed female members as well, not because the club had been misogynistic before, but because many of the players had partners that liked to play the game as well. Guys love to disappear for the day and play a round of golf. Not all wives were happy with that. There’s a saying: “If you can’t beat them, join them.” And so it passed.

The club’s origins came about because two old friends that used to holiday at the Two Rocks Beach would play a few rounds of golf at the local course, which was not a lot like a golf course back then, but more like a bush track with some cleverly placed holes. It wasn’t really an official course at all. These events happened back in 1974, and from that sketchy start was born the Two Rocks Golf Club.

Two Rocks Golf ClubFast forward to 2015 and the club still has about 25 – 30 members, some of them started playing back 25 years ago, and one original member remains, old Jack. He was the founding player of Two Rocks, and he is now in his early 80’s. The idea of the club is that it is purely social, so handicaps are not officially recognised by the Golf Association, but regardless of the club’s official standing, the players take the game as seriously as those playing the US Open!

After the game, there is plenty of discussion about the day’s play and most members are deeply into buying or checking out the latest pieces of equipment. Golf is a very technical game and fortunately, technology has kept pace with this sport. A contentious aspect of the game was the disputed rule about using GPS devices to navigate your way around the golf course. More info on these can be found here. One of the problems with a GPS is that you would need to have the course data to download into the unit. Some of the courses the club played on may not have that data available.

A rather unobtrusive way to carry a GPS unit around the course is via a specialized GPS watch. You not only get the time of day but if programmed correctly the device gives you the distance to the pin. In golf, this is the money shot. Every club in your bag does a specific thing over a set distance. Your club selection on hitting on or very near the green with that stroke makes a big difference to your hole score. Select the wrong club and you overshoot into the rough or the sand trap. The wrong club will also leave you short requiring a chip or a sand wedge from the trap again.

The game of golf is really about inches. One inch short of the cup might mean a championship, so distances and club selection is what it’s all about.

Technology and a Stitch in Time

It’s not often I see my dear old mum anymore. The love of travel also resulted in the evil of distance. The last time we got together was more than 2 years ago. I flew from SE Asia to catch up with family and, of course, my mother. Dad’s been dead for more years than I can remember and mum has been battling away on her own for what seemed like forever. But she still had all her wits and was able to shop, cook and clean. Technology challenges for her included entering phone numbers into an old phone that still used a phone line and picking the right button to push to answer a mobile we had bought her a year ago.

On that last trip, my mum and I spent some time together going over all my photos from my travels around the world. I have an Apple iPad and the quality of the pictures varied from good to excellent. The ‘good’ being more the fault of the user than the camera in the device. She marvelled at the technology. I showed her how great it would be if she could master some technology like this so that we could connect more often when I am away. Mum is a little vague when it comes to learning this type of stuff. She depends on family to call her rather than her calling them. It’s understandable.

I stayed with mum in her unit and bless her, she still insisted on washing and cooking for me, ironing my shirts and repairing anything she comes across in my clothing. So it passed that my jeans needed the hem repaired a little and the zip replaced. Me? I would throw them out and buy a new pair. A zipper is a serious wardrobe malfunction. Her Singer sewing machine was always at the ready in her sewing room so she said she would repair the jeans. Okay, let it be.

She needed two different coloured kinds of cotton, one for the hem and one for the zip replacement. I stayed and chatted about some of the places I had been to, including her home country, Hungary. A wistful look was replaced with an exasperated one when she exclaimed that it was a shame that technology saw fit to invent computers and iPads and smartphones but never extended to sewing machines. I told her they did.

On my iPad, I did a search for sewing machines, which are now called ‘Sergers’ and showed mum just how far they had progressed. Of course, she wanted one and after some long discussions and looking for the best options, I bought her one online. My biggest fear was mum’s reluctance to try and learn new technology but my fears were unfounded. After the machine had arrived, we unpacked it and had it up and running very quickly. Mum understood the principles and the settings like a real pro and she had the Singer singing and sewing within days. What a woman!

Technology and a Stitch in Time

Automotive Website Design: Top Picks

Just like many other industries, the car industry has broadened its marketing scope to include the internet world. Aside from the conventional television commercials and magazine advertisements, automobile manufacturers now have elegant, modern websites created by some of the best web designers and maintained by professionals. And these websites are very effective in influencing car buyers’ decision. Automotive websites contain the most important details about a car that include technical specifications, designs, and fuel consumption. Some of these websites even provide links to helpful sites like – a review site for different car light bars.

Most car websites appear to have similar features and use lots of media that include video, audio and image. If you are looking for some fresh inspiration for your next website design, you might find some sizzling ideas from these automotive sites.

Here let’s take a look at some of my top picks in the world of automobile website design.

  1. Bond Cars

Who wouldn’t want to drive Bond car? This amazing website features the sophisticated cars driven by the iconic British spy – James Bond. The visually rich website uses impressive parallax animations to present each car.

  1. Lexus Magazine

Whether you are an auto enthusiast or not, the Lexus online magazine will definitely catch your eye. It has an attractive home page that will certainly compel you to check out the next pages. The large, amazing pictures of the latest Lexus models are very crisp.

  1. TRD

The website is just as exciting as the latest racing vehicles and technologies from the Japanese automaker – Toyota. Each section is presented simply but powerfully, thanks to the beautiful parallax effects.

  1. Jeep

Clean, simple and straightforward, the Jeep website sticks with just few colors. On its home page are some the iconic Jeep trucks coupled with a subtle but evocative background. If ever you are buying a Jeep truck, you might as well check LED light bars to accessorize your truck.

  1. SRT

The website of the renowned carmaker features a slideshow of its top-selling as well as latest car models. The design is simple but effectively draws the eyes of every prospective car buyer.

  1. Jaguar

The global website of Jaguar is beautifully effective. It shows off the most luxurious cars of the British carmaker and features them in amazing high res images.

  1. Dodge

As luxurious as the car brand, Dodge’s home page is stunning. It provides full screen background and highlights of the different cars under their brand. There’s also a slideshow of the latest models of Dodge.

  1. Maserati

The website of Maserati is not as luxurious as the brand. Some may find it boringly simple but it’s effective at that. It got just the right information for you to know each car model more.

  1. Bentley

The premium website design of Bentley is just fitting for the elegance and luxury of the vehicles. Some may find it rather simple but I find it attractive enough to browse the other pages.

  1. Mercedes AMG

Large, high-res images of the latest Mercedes AMG models are featured on the carmakers website. The images are just very attractive that you would be drawn to it.